Tungsten Pure 1/16 Model 1167G 10 Pack

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Pure Welding Tungsten

Package of 10 - Coreone 7 inch pure tungsten 1/16th electrodes forms a clean, balled end when heated and provides good arc stability for AC welding with a balanced or unbalanced squarewave or sine wave technology. Not advised for use with inverter technology machines. Materials Welded Aluminum and Magnesium

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SDS for Tungsten: PDF Download


The EWP electrodes are unalloyed tungsten electrodes (99.5 percent tungsten minimum). Their current-carrying capacity is lower than that of other electrodes. They provide good stability when used with alternating current, either balanced wave or continuously high frequency stabilized. They may be used with direct current with either argon or helium, or a combination of both, as a shielding gas. They maintain a clean, balled end, which is preferred for aluminum and magnesium welding. These electrodes have reasonably good resistance to contamination of the weld metal by the electrode, although the oxide containing electrodes are superior in this respect. EWP electrodes are generally used on less critical


, except for welding aluminum and magnesium.


Electrodes are 100% Eddy Current tested Annealed brittled for ease of sizing Finest available tungsten powder (APT) Manufactured under a quality system certified to ISO 9001 requirements Meets AWS/ANSI specifications Ground for maximum smoothness


Coreone Tungsten rod products are used as electrodes in the Gas Tungsten Arc-Welding (GTAW) also known as Tungsten Inert Gas Welding (TIG) These products are also used for Plasma Cutting. Good general purpose electrodes for less critical operations in which less expensive electrodes are desired.

Product Attributes

Tungsten Finish Ground. Diameter 0.0625 in. Electrode Length 7 in. Electrode Material Pure.

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